Wordology is Your Biology

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Consider it or not, each phrase that has ever been stated to you, and any phrases that you’ve got utilized in your lifetime, are embedded in your physique. Your reminiscence banks start to retailer this data as you might be creating within the womb.

Take into consideration all of the phrases you converse each day. How do these phrases have an effect on your life? How do the phrases you converse have an effect on your relationships, your loved ones, your pals, your co-workers, and even strangers?

All the things about you is an expression of your consciousness and your power subject. Due to this fact your phrases are an expressive type of your power. Your phrases are the bodily expression of your consciousness into manifestation. You create your actuality. So start by taking a list of the phrases that you just use on a regular basis.

Do your phrases encourage, uplift you. Do they assist and improve your inventive skills? Are they optimistic, productive and affirming to your life? Or are they based mostly on perception methods or concepts that destructive and depressive. As an train write down phrases that assist

Your phrases are the molecules of your frequency and vibration. Your phrases are the sounds and resonance of your consciousness. Each phrase or group of phrases, which you categorical are the molecules of your mixed power and consciousness that create your actuality. How wondrous is that! However on the opposite aspect of the Wordology which may not be so wondrous, be clear about what you say, particularly about your self.

All the things about your phrases, your concepts, your ideas, your perception methods, your views are merely the types of the power of your consciousness, whether or not they’re being stated out of your unconsciousness consciousness. Being aware is the important thing!

Due to this fact, you set the consciousness of your phrases into movement and into manifestation by means of the usage of your power. In case your phrases are destructive, the fact that you just create on your life turns into unproductive and fearful. Your power will get drained. When your ideas or concepts are optimistic, your power is productive, uplifting and energizing. That is the way in which your consciousness and your power associate with you to create and manifest your life.

As an train, write down the phrases you employ if you suppose or talk about your self. Are they optimistic, affirming, supportive? Or are phrases destructive, and do they drain your power?. Once you say the phrases out lout, how do the phrases have an effect on you emotionally and bodily? The place do you are feeling them in your physique? How do the phrases you converse make you are feeling?

Bear in mind the whole lot you say has an influence in your life as properly on having a influence on others. We imprint one another day-after-day by the phrases we use. The extra you grow to be conscious of your phrases, the extra pro-active your life turns into. Communicate out of your coronary heart. You’ll really feel the distinction in your physique. Communicate out of your coronary heart and your life turns into coronary heart crammed. Communicate out of your coronary heart, and your physique heals naturally. Communicate out of your coronary heart and also you grow to be extra centered and balanced.

Communicate out of your coronary heart and also you grow to be more healthy.. Communicate out of your ego

and also you create extra challenges in your life.

So….bear in mind earlier than your converse! Bear in mind, it doesn’t matter what you say, you might be at all times chatting with your self first about your self and your phrases point out precisely the place you might be…and whether or not you might be aware or not!

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