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You’re here because you want to know what is the law of attraction, how it works, and if it’s real. This post will give you the law of attraction most practiced techniques, success stories, and how to make it work faster so you can manifest your dreams.

Law of Attraction- what does it mean?

I first was introduced to this theory when I read the book the Secret.

The Secret is a book and a movie on Netflix that explains how you can easily attract blessings to your life in as little as hours. 

The book explains that you should not question where things come from. For example, if you ask for say 500 dollars and that month, you receive credits from an overpayment on your bill, a check in the mail, or money for a family member. Then don’t focus on the why. Instead, say thank you and keep it moving.

Is the law of attracting real?

Yes, the book is controversial many believe it full of crap while others practice it.

Such as Ryan Gosling who states, “I think the ‘Law of Attraction’ comes from a rich, white, privileged perspective“.

I get it but then there are others who rely on hope and all we have is wish for a optimistic future.

Besides, I don’t focus on what others believe or don’t believe. I tend to sail my own boat and figure things out on my own. So… I read the Secret, practiced it, and practiced being open to receiving anything that came my way, which it did!

Harvey Mackay states, “I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals.”

So, what do you think? Well let’s work on how to make it work for you and then you can decide.

How does the law of attraction work?

Law of attraction works and some may not believe because it hasn't worked for them. In this post i outline how to manifest correctly, why sometimes it doesn't work and what techniques to use for faster success. Manifestation | Law of Attraction | Mantras | Affirmations | Abundance | Manifest Wealth | Happiness |LOA quotes| Love | Success | Money | Your Dreams | | The Secret| Your Goals | Intention Setting | Powerful Intentions | Attract Wealth and Abundance | Dream Life | Techniques | Magic | Vision Board |Boss Mom |  | Spirituality

It is like a magnet that attracts things to you within your frequency. This can be good and bad because if you work off a low frequency, then you will continue to draw negativity. 

Get it?

Do you have friends that seem like they are always going through something and never catch a break? I believe they are unaware of the signals they are sending to the universe.

Things that vibrate on low frequency are 

  • You feel emotionally distant
  • Feeling stuck in life and not know what to do next
  • Make poor choices
  • Don’t trust
  • Feel angry
  • Complain a lot
  • Struggle with feeling grateful
  • Feel Doubtful

Read how to remove negativity.

High-Frequency things are

  • Feeling gratitude
  • A feeling of Peace
  • An optimistic person
  • Being self-aware ( knowing what you’re doing, saying thinking, and how this affects others)
  • You don’t need anything to feel happy
  • You are empathic 

My LOA Success Story

law of attraction story

So I know how this sounds.

It sounds like, if your poor then its your fault because of how you think.

Or if your going through hard time then simply change your thoughts and magic happens.

And if you believe it this then your not putting trust god.

I get it. Some of us are not in a fortunate situation. I, for one, is someone who has come a long way.

So when I started I asked myself “what I had to lose.”

When I started I was already poor and on government assistance so there was only one way to go and that was up.

I never worship ANYTHING over GOD. I believe he want us to prosper not struggle

So if positivity is all I have to do to make changes in my life then I am in.

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Things I have manifested

True story, I manifest a truck. I know I wanted a truck because my Honda Civic was too small for my family of five.  

Not only did I get a Arcadia truck but it was no payments!

How you wonder?

Here the deets: I focused on a truck and added to my vision board. Then, I told myself that I would get a car in a year. The belief was there, but I had no idea how I was going to acquire such an item. But, I was hopeful.

Then one day, my dad called out the blue and asked if I wanted his old truck. Apparently, he had just brought a minivan and no longer had use for it because it was too small for his family of 7!

I was completely shock. I have used it before but still.

Other things i have manifested. 

  • My daughter- for years, we struggled with having a second child. I was tired. I tried it all from tempting, mucus checking, pineapples, etc. Finally, I decided to focus on the positive and what I wanted. I got a book drew her out and image of the family, prayed, visualized a baby girl, and waited. Then boom two months later, I was finally pregnant.
  • A family Disney Vacation
  • Money
  • Blog revenue
  • Women I love to coach
  • and so much more I don’t want to bore you

There are plenty of success stories explaining how there life dramatically changed using the law of attraction.

So are you pumped?

7 Powerful and Effective Law of Attraction Techniques

law of attraction techniques

Know what you truly want?

What do you want in life?

Many people start throwing out ideas of what they think they want, and when it manifests itself, they are not satisfied.

The reason they were not satisfied with the result is that they didn’t really want that goal. But they asked for it because it was someone else’s goal for them or the pressure of society. For example, attending college because your parent believes that you should, or getting a job that doesn’t align with your beliefs.

Therefore, you have to first know yourself and understand your true desires so that you can manifest things that mean something to you.

– Do you want a new home?
– Do you want confidence?
– How about being able to reach success?
– What is your time frame for these goals?

Ask yourself questions to clearly define your goals.

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1. Use Law of Attraction Quotes

I deserve it all and I will attract it all- Law of Attraction Quotes. Ready to manifest things and make it happen? Grab quotes to add to your Manifestation #loa #lawofattraction #quote #wordstoliveby

Quotes are a great way to help us to stay inspired and motivated, so we are reminded of our dreams, goals, and positivity in life.

The Law of attraction quotes has been used for years and can offer us the encouragement and belief we need to understand we have more control than we think.

I have decided to be happy, because it’s good for my health.

– Voltaire

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

– Michael Jordan

Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.

– Maya Watson

I can be changed by what happened to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.

– Maya Angelou

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

– Martin Luther King Jr

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2. Practice Gratitude Daily using Law of Attraction

practice gratitude daily

Gratitude is a great way to manifest things to yourself.

Often people can’t figure out why manifestation and the law of attraction are not working when it boils down to they do not appreciate what they already have.

For example, you buy your kid’s toys, games, phones, and everything they ask for. If eventually, you realize they are not taking care of it, appreciating in or respecting it, then why in the world would you give them more.

It’s the same way with the universe.

If you can appreciate the things you do have, then why would you expect more? Also, gratitude keeps you had a higher vibration, so you can be in an alignment that attracts more. Gratitude Journal

What to add to your gratitude list?

A gratitude list is a great way to list the things you appreciate. Here are a couple of ways to do this:

  • You can either get a journal and free right all the things you are thankful for on one massive list that you can go back to.
  • Then there can be a list that you can create every morning or night that you are thankful for at the moment.
  • Find a gratitude journal prompts to help you when your stuck

Reviewing your gratitude list is a great way to keep or enter into the high vibration level. You can read this list every morning before you start your day for a mood boost.

3. Repeat Affirmations & Positive Self Talk

Keep positive affirmations somewhere that it’s constantly viewed.

By seeing positive words of affirmation daily, you are subconsciously changing your belief structure changing and, in most cases rewriting the beliefs that were installed in you while you were growing up.

Girl you are basically, reinventing yourself and the story you created.

I understand some of us are combating some real hurtful beliefs. We are trying to work on yourself and push ourselves but then the inner critic that pops up to make us feel that we

  • arent good enough
  • pretty enough
  • smart enough
  • we don’t belong
  • are not doing a good job
  • not well respected
  • are under appreciated

Which brings doubt in your capabilities to perform confidently.

But I’m here to let you know that you are enough. You’re a great mom and you have the ability to change anything in your life for the better.

4. The Power of Visualization Techniques with Law of Attraction

how law of attraction practices works

Year-end goals are terrific! Affirmations with goals are even better! And goals, affirmations, along with visualization is even more effective!

Dan Pena


Visualization techniques have been used by from to visualize their desired outcomes for ages.

Visualization is seeing yourself in through your eyes in situations that have yet to occur.

For example, if you want another child, then you will visualize yourself pregnant, the smells that make you sick, where you are lying, how your body looks, and how the body feels in this process. You are making the images of your life real in your mind. Make sense? I know pregnancy is not that easy, but its an example most mothers can relate too.

By creating this image in your mind, you are telling the universe what you want and taking the actions to get there.

Use these visualization techniques to get in the appropriate state and aligned vibrations so you can manifest instantly. I recommend you listen to this youtube video.

1. Breathing is Everything. Breath is Life.

2. Be clear. Be Specific. Connect to that moment.

3. Emotion is Energy in Motion. The more emotion you apply, the higher the energy, the faster the manifestation.

4. Have Faith in the Greater Power. Allow the universe to work its magic.

5. Meditation Applifies Law of Attraction

I love meditation but understand how hard it is to practice.

The reality of being a mom is you don’t have personal space let along 30 mins of quiet time. And if you did have 30 mins then most likely, it would be used to tackle your long to-do list.

But, if you can squeeze in a 5 min guided meditation then would be beneficial.

Meditation helps you to relax, get focused, and center yourself, which is what everyone needs. If you’re looking to learn your self and find your purpose, this is by far the easier way to access a higher level of yourself.

How to start mediating?

  1. set aside time that is realistic ( mornings, naps, nighttime, 5 mins, 10 mins)
  2. practice daily to get better
  3. use guided meditation if you are a beginner
  4. focus on your breathing
  5. let your mind go
  6. have the intention- visualization, relaxation, focus, reduce stress, tap into the inner self.
  7. sit still if possible.

Ready to learn more? This is an ultimate how to meditate guide

6. Dream Board using Law of Attraction

If you know me then you know I love vision boards.

Vision boards are an easy way to figure out what you want in life. These boards contain images and words that resonate with things you want to attract.

Whether you have a digital vision board or wall version, it powerful and a fun way to spending your time clarify what you want. I have created vision boards with my daughter, to help her learn her power.

In addition, it a great way to remind yourself of your why and your desires.

How to create a vision board?

  • grab images that resonate with your desire
  • find words, scripture, and quotes that you love
  • grab the vision board supplies that you will need
  • place them on the board by category ( love, family, business, etc.)
  • if using a digital vision board, then upload your image, quotes, etc., and make a collage.

7. Reading Law of Attraction Books

During your journey of manifestation and law of attraction, a good place to start learning more aout the law of attraction is with the best law of attraction books.

Do you commute to work? You can use that time to read or listen to a good law of attraction book to help you learn how to manifest faster.

Law of attraction Planners to help stay focus

law of attraction planner journal
grab this planner page here

If you need help keeping things all together then find a good planner like the one above.

A good manifestation journal help you stay purpose and on task so you can hit each mark.

Final Thoughts: Law of Attraction For Beginning

Reading materials on Law of Attraction helps you improve your practice on the law.

I suggest started with the book the Secret or watching it on Netflix. You will need to be able to open your mind beyond anything that you have been taught. And in some cases undo what you have learned.

Then, once you are open use law of attraction quotes to help you nurture the new thought process so you can become more open and make your thoughts powerful.

Use a dream board to help manifest and visualization to envision yourself with the feeling of present achievement.

Do you have a manifestation story? Please share everyone including me would love to hear!

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