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Surprise contender Honeywell enters the quantum computing race

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Honeywell quantum computer

Honeywell has huge plans for its trapped ion quantum laptop


An organization that used to make residence thermostats is now constructing a quantum laptop. Honeywell, which is thought for making management techniques for properties, companies and planes, says it has huge plans for the quantum future.

“You’ll have by no means suspected Honeywell was doing this,” says Tony Uttley, the president of Honeywell Quantum Options. The corporate has been engaged on its plans for a decade, he says. “We needed to attend till we may simply present folks how good we’re at this as an alternative of telling them about it.”

Now the wait is over: on three March, the corporate introduced that its laptop will probably be open for enterprise inside the subsequent three months, with clients capable of entry it over the web.


Like all of the quantum computer systems at present out there, it would most likely be used to extra simply remedy issues that contain large quantities of knowledge, like optimising aeroplane routes or simulating molecules. It isn’t anticipated to outperform unusual computer systems at this level.

Honeywell measures its laptop’s efficacy utilizing a metric coined by IBM known as quantum quantity. It takes under consideration the variety of quantum bits – or qubits – the pc has, their error price, how lengthy the system can spend calculating earlier than the qubits cease working and some different key properties.

IBM’s System Q One, its first industrial machine, has a quantum quantity of 16, which the corporate claims makes it probably the most highly effective quantum laptop in existence. Honeywell’s new laptop had a quantum quantity of 16 when the agency started testing it in January, however Uttley says the corporate expects to succeed in a quantum quantity of as much as 64 when the pc turns into out there for industrial use.

Whereas IBM’s laptop used 20 qubits to succeed in a quantum quantity of 16, Honeywell’s solely used 4. That is a sign that Honeywell’s qubits are longer-lasting with fewer errors than IBM’s, however this sort of system can be troublesome to scale up.

Honeywell’s quantum laptop makes use of trapped ions – charged particles held in place by exact electromagnetic fields – as its qubits. Most of the different huge gamers in quantum computing, similar to Google and IBM, use superconducting qubits as an alternative, that are primarily based on supercooled electrical circuits. Superconducting qubits are simpler to mass-produce and may run calculations sooner, however trapped ions are usually extra correct and so they have longer-lasting quantum states.

The agency additionally introduced an bold promise: Honeywell plans so as to add extra qubits to their laptop every year for the following 5 years, growing its quantum quantity by an element of 10 every time. “This isn’t a science venture for us,” says Uttley. “We’re doing this as a result of we consider we are able to make that step to worth creation with a helpful quantum laptop.”

It isn’t clear but how Honeywell’s laptop will evaluate with these which can be already out there, says Scott Aaronson on the College of Texas at Austin. A number of different main firms have already got quantum computer systems, and a few of these have had a years-long head begin, he says.

Due to its longer-lasting trapped-ion qubits, Honeywell does have one factor that the opposite companies don’t, says Uttley – one thing often called mid-circuit measurement. This primarily allows you to redirect a quantum calculation as it’s being executed.

“We are able to cease the calculation, take one qubit, ask ‘what are you proper now, are you a 1 or a 0?’ and alter the remainder of the calculation primarily based on that reply,” says Uttley. “It’s like placing an ‘if’ assertion in an algorithm, and it’s one thing that’s distinctive to us.”

“One can simply think about conditions the place mid-circuit measurements would lengthen what one is ready to do,” says Aaronson, at the least within the near-term. “Mid-circuit measurements additionally play a central position within the proposals for the right way to sometime obtain quantum error-correction,” he says, which is the following main milestone within the rising subject of quantum computing.

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Article amended on
three March 2020

Honeywell not makes residence thermostats

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