Ranking of countries in terms of safety 2021

The safest countries in 2021

After the emergence of the Corona virus pandemic and its spread all over the world , international travel was suspended for most of the countries in 2020, but after the spread of vaccines in most parts of the world, several countries were reopened for tourism again, as there is great hope that the world will regain a sense of safety and life Natural in 2021 in terms of how they can travel abroad and what is the safest and most peaceful country to go to, and there are a few of the most prominent potential places in terms of protection, safety and peace for the traveler or tourist.

But a ranking of the world’s safest countries is published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, an “independent, nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as a positive, achievable, and tangible measure of human well-being and progress,” through rigorous research and several country reports. To identify and rank the safest countries.

After making the reports, about 163 countries were found in the report, but there are 23 different indicators that must be taken into account when classifying the safest countries to determine the safety or danger of a country, and a score is calculated for each of the 163 countries mentioned in the report based on those factors, as the The lower the score, the higher the nation’s ranking in terms of safety and security, but these factors are divided into categories, namely:

  • Perpetual international and domestic conflict.
  • Community safety and security.
  • militarization.
  • The number of internal and external violent conflicts.
  • level of distrust.
  • political instability.
  • possibility of committing terrorist acts.
  • The number of murders.
  • Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP.

Among most of the safest countries are European countries, as Europe is the only continent that has not witnessed a decrease in the level of safety since 2009, and the second most common region in Asia, where the rate of murders in both continents is about 3 per 100,000 people.

The most prominent of these countries are the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, where these regions are among the lowest regions with homicide rates, reaching 0.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but there are a few of the most prominent potential places In terms of protection, safety and peace for the traveler or tourist, which are:

  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Czech Republic
  • Japan
  • Switzerland

Ranking of the safest countries for 2021

  • Iceland

Iceland occupies the first place according to the Global Peace Index for the thirteenth consecutive year (2021), with a population of about 340,000 people, and the crime rate there is very low compared to its large population, and because of the military and security forces there, and it is worth noting that the population There they do not carry firearms “only extendable batons and pepper spray,” and there are fair laws that stipulate justice and equality between men and women.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand is another country that has responded well to the Corona virus pandemic, and it ranks second according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021, as it surpassed Canada, which was ranked second last year, as it has a very low crime rate, especially violent crimes. , But theft is widespread there, and it is worth noting that it does not contain any dangerous wild animals, unlike Australia next to it, and New Zealand society in general has an open mind, and they have some laws in place to prevent the abuse of freedom of expression for anyone, and it is worth noting that the residents there do not carry firearms Also.

  • Portugal

Portugal occupies third place according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021. Portugal is one of the countries with armed police, which has caused a decrease in the number of crimes committed in it, and it is an economically advanced country, where the unemployment rate has decreased from more than 17% to less From 7%, in addition to having a high level of safety, Portugal has been ranked as the best country to retire in 2020 according to the annual Global Retirement Index .


  • Austria

Occupies the State of Austria in fourth place according to an index of world peace for the year 2021, in spite of what you witnessed in the State of Austria from a deterioration in the likelihood of indicator violent demonstrations after the election of the People ‘s Party , led by Sebastian Kurtz in the month of October in 2017, and then social unrest it has risen due to political instability in the country, But now it has become one of the best cities to visit in terms of safety, and also the crime rate is very simple, but despite that, any country is not free of theft crimes, so be careful at all times and circumstances.


  • Denmark

Denmark occupies the fifth place according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021. Denmark is one of the safest countries at all times. In addition, Denmark enjoys a high level of equality and a strong sense of shared responsibility for social welfare, which helps in achieving safety and happiness in that country. Denmark is honest and trustworthy, as the level of corruption in business or politics there is very rare, and the state of Denmark provides many charitable works for its citizens and residents, such as the possibility for anyone in it to access health care without additional fees for them, and free education is provided for the elderly, in addition to Providing home care assistants.


  • Canada

Canada ranks sixth according to the 2021 Global Peace Index, and although Canada is still off-limits to many tourists, that didn’t stop it being ranked among the safest places among respondents to a recent survey conducted by travel insurance company Berkshire Hathaway.


  • Singapore

Singapore occupies the seventh place according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021. The state of Singapore is considered one of the best countries that adhere to its laws, and is characterized by being one of the countries with the lowest rates of crime in the world, especially violent and terrorism crimes, due to the severe penalties that are issued even for crimes Small, Singapore is also the second safest city in the world according to the Safe Cities Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in addition to being ranked first in infrastructure and personal security, second in digital security, and eighth in health security.


  • Czech Republic

The Czech Republic occupies the eighth place according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021, where the crime rate has decreased significantly, especially violent crimes, and is considered one of the most secure countries despite its small influence in controlling terrorism, and the reason for the decline in the country’s ranking is due to its participation in some conflicts Foreign Affairs, the high rate of prisoners per capita, and the assessment of the security forces and the police.


  • Japan

The Republic of Japan ranks ninth according to the Global Peace Index for the year 2021, and has ranked first in the list of the top ten safest countries for 13 years, and is characterized by low rates of crime, internal conflict and political terrorism, but Japan does not see that carrying a firearm is an individual right However, it is worth noting that Tokyo is the safest city in the world, as it ranks first in cyber security, second in health security, and fourth in infrastructure security and personal security.


  • Switzerland

Switzerland ranks 10th according to the 2021 Global Peace Index, and Switzerland is always a safe destination and a suitable choice for nature lovers.

Index scores of the safest countries in the world

  • Iceland 3.9724
  • United Arab Emirates 4.2043
  • Qatar 4.5609
  • Singapore 4.6184
  • Finland 4.9782
  • Mongolia 5.6092
  • Norway 5.9003
  • Denmark 6.2422
  • Canada 6.3129
  • New Zealand 6.4352
  • Australia 6.7699
  • Bahrain 6.8054
  • Cyprus 7.2315
  • Switzerland 7.3316.003
  • Austria 7.3454
  • Estonia 7.4615
  • South Korea 7.5089
  • Kuwait 7.6480
  • Saudi Arabia 7.6917
  • Germany 7.7059
  • Ireland 7.8351
  • Japan 7.9247
  • Israel 8.0181
  • Morocco 8.0539
  • Sultanate of Oman 8.0631
  • China 8.0636
  • Malaysia 8.0923
  • Mauritius 8.1622
  • Portugal 8.2539
  • Kazakhstan 8.2994


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