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Inteleon’s Gigantamax Form Has A Gun




Screenshot: Nintendo (Pokemon Sword and Defend )

Nintendo dropped a bunch of stories about Pokémon Sword and Defend in a Direct this morning, together with the addition of 200 extra Pokémon to the video games. In addition they added new Gigantamax kinds for current Pokémon, certainly one of whom can now use a gun, apparently.

The livestream revealed that Inteleon is getting a Gigantamax kind as a part of Sword and Defend’s upcoming expansions. Inteleon is the third and ultimate type of Sobble, this era’s water-based starter Pokémon, whereas Gigantamaxing is a model of Dynamax transformation the place a Pokémon adjustments its kind along with getting very, very large.

On this case, the result’s a giant lizard aiming a water rifle from a sniper’s nest shaped out of his tail and a swirl of purple smoke. Whereas some Pokémon like Eevee and Pikachu stay cute and cuddly even of their Gigantamax kinds, Inteleon seems to be like he’s about to do struggle crimes.

Now, that’s not utterly out of character. Because the fan database for Poké information, Bulbapedia, factors out, Inteleon’s regular kind is itself a nod to James Bond, full together with his index finger out and his thumb cocked like a make-believe gun. However the entire allusion will get a bit fucking bizarre if you go full American Sniper with it.

Sure, Pokémon has had an assault known as water gun and a large tortoise with cannons popping out of its shell for the reason that very first sport, however Inteleon’s Gigantamax kind nonetheless stands out within the sequence’ in any other case idyllic and eccentric universe, the place some Pokémon are just ice cream cones.

I wasn’t the one blinking at my laptop display this morning both. Numerous different folks on the web had been shocked as nicely, compelled to resort to memes to digest this newest revelation:


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