How do I change the IMEI number of my iPhone?
How do I change the IMEI number of my iPhone?

What is the IMEI number on the iPhone

Every iPhone has IMEI number and IMEI number stands for International Mobile iPhone Identity and IMEI number is on the phone in order to uniquely identify each phone and every mobile has only one IMEI number on all iPhones so that the IMEI number is useful to track the phone if the user loses it This is why Apple is trying to make it impossible to change the IMEI number of any iPhone

Once the cellular network detects the IMEI number of the phone there are not many ways to change the IMEI number but there are some things that people can do to change the IMEI number but it is important to realize that there is no way to change the IMEI number of the iPhone permanently but it is only possible to change the IMEI number IMEI of an iPhone for a short period of time

Learn how to change the IMEI number on iPhone

Changing the IMEI number does not provide many benefits but many risks can come if the user changes the IMEI number of his iPhone to the same IMEI number of another phone, this will stop the iPhone from working moreover there are also potential legal limits that can One bypasses them once they change their IMEI number and changing the IMEI number will also terminate iPhone warranty so the user should be aware of the potential causes of many problems when they are looking to change the IMEI number on iPhone.

And in order to change the IMEI number in iPhone devices one must first jailbreak his iPhone and the steps cannot be performed to change the IMEI number in devices without jailbreaking his iPhone thus it is important to know how to jailbreak iPhone once you do that and here are the steps to change the iPhone number IMEI on iPhone

First method

  • First the user has to select the current IMEI number of his iPhone and this is a very simple process and the user may need to open his iPhone dialer then dial *#06# and requesting this code will provide the user with the current IMEI number of the iPhone his own.
  • Secondly after getting the IMEI number of your iPhone you will now need to switch to your PC or laptop to proceed further
  • Thirdly, on your computer or laptop, download a computer program called “Ziphone” and then download PC Tools
  • Fourth, the next step will come, which is to open the iPhone in recovery mode. To do this, press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously. Keep pressing until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once that happens, release the Home button immediately, and this will cause the iTunes logo to appear on the screen. With a wire directly under it
  • While in this mode connect iPhone to your PC
  • On your computer open the Ziphone folder and right-click while you are there and then select the option “Start Command Prompt Here”
  • In the Command Prompt window type “ZiPhone”
  • After that type “ziphone -u -i aIMEINumber” and then type the new IMEI number you want for your iPhone instead of the current IMEI number
  • After typing this wait for 3 minutes to 4 minutes for ZiPhone to complete the process and then restart your phone and the process will complete
  • In this step re-dial the code * # 06 # in the dial pad on your iPhone to check the new IMEI number of your phone

This is one of the most popular ways to temporarily change the IMEI number in iPhones but for once again remember that with this step you are jailbreaking your iPhone if you want to make sure the process with ZiPhone is working perfectly, there is also a less common and less effective way to change the number IMEI on iPhone without jailbreaking iPhone This step also requires you to jailbreak your iPhone so you should proceed with caution, here are the steps to do that other method.

The second method

  • Again follow steps 4 and 5 of Method 1 to change IMEI number on iPhones and it will allow you to unlock your iPhone in recovery mode
  • Download ZiPhone GUI for PC
  • Open the ZiPhone GUI app on your PC
  • Then go to the advanced features window in the app
  • Then look for the “Fake IMEI” option and tap on it
  • After that enter any new IMEI number you want to enter
  • Tap on the “Perform Action” option to change the IMEI number on iPhone.

The second method does not require the users to jailbreak their iPhone but it is also less effective so it is better to jailbreak your iPhone and then proceed with the first method to change the IMEI number in iPhones but it is important that the users remain aware that changing the IMEI number can cause Many issues on their iPhone

These issues can also cause the phone to stop working completely or even leave the iPhone vulnerable to its data breach and sometimes doing so is illegal hence users should only consider changing their IMEI number on iPhone after giving it great thought.

Things to Remember Before Changing iPhone IMEI

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you go through the process of changing iPhone IMEI number without jailbreak

  • First the iPhone must be unlocked or already activated and you can check the guide to activate the iPhone.
  • Secondly, if you change the IMEI number of your device, its warranty will be destroyed, but if the warranty period has expired, you can change the IMEI number freely.
  • It is illegal to change the IMEI number of a stolen phone and you may get caught.

Why is the IMEI number so important

The IMEI number can be identified as the International Mobile Equipment Identity iPhone and it is a unique serial identification code that is used for mobile phones and smartphones. The IMEI number consists of 15 digits unique to each device and you can see this number on the phone and is usually displayed under the battery and on the packaging The phone also, this number can prevent your phone from being used by someone else or even from being stolen however sometimes we need to change the IMEI for security reasons.


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